Episode#212: Beer Camp Revisited and More

In this episode from the crypt, Dan, his family and some close friends south of the Equator taste the 2012 Beer Camp brews and two more at the Old LOT Compound.

Life On Tap Episode #212

Life On Tap Episode #211: 2xRye

Episode #211: 2xRye

In this previously recorded episode, Dan gets a recommendation for a Double Rye IPA from Southern Tier Brewing – 2xRye.

Southern Tier Brewing 2xRye

2xRye is a 8.1% Double Rye India Pale Ale brewed with three varieties of hops, five types of malts by Southern Tier as an autumn seasonal since 2013.


Brilliantly clear, orange/copper, reminiscent of a nice Canadian whiskey. The pour resulted with a moderately-small head with fairly tight bubbles.


Sweet aroma with a hint of rye bread as expected.


Very tasty and unique. Rye-forward with the other malts balanced with the hop bill, adding to the complexity and no detectable alcohol.


The rye and companion malts merge together for a textured and delightful mouthfeel with a medium body.


If you are looking for a balanced fall beer, this is one to seek out. While hop lovers might not flock to this beer, I believe it will please most people’s palates. Pair with moderate, seasonal dishes.


Episode #210: Weez

In this previously recorded episode, Dan continues to drink through the hop-forward beers with an American Black Ale from Maine Beer Company, Weez.

Maine Beer Company Weez


Maine Beer Company Weez is a 7.2% ABV American Black Ale brewed with Maris Otter, American 2-Row, Munich, Crystal-80, Caramel 80L malts and flaked wheat, black barley and midnight wheat specialty malts. Hopped with Cascade, Citra, Simcoe and Warrior.


Huge, tan head and VERY dark. Smelled the hops from far away with a delicate blend of resin blended with chocolate from the malts.


Hop-forward with chocolate presence with a mid-palate of roastiness and hop bitterness on the finish.


Pleasant and medium body for the mouthfeel.


This is an amazing fall beer, but could also be enjoyed for hop fans through the winter. I highly recommend that you pick this beer up if you see it, as it is encourages exploration of various palate extremes as well as unique ingredient combinations.

Life On Tap Episode #210: Weez