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  • Episode # 330: Closer To The Point
    A can-conditioned spelt saison? Sign Dan up! Threes Brewing Closer To The Point, delivers on traditional saison notes and then some. Threes Brewing Closer To … Read more
  • Episode # 329: Prevernal Love
    Dan enjoys Wild East Brewing Company’s maibock, Prevernal Love, at home after sampling it during his previous visit. Wild East Brewing Company Prevernal Love STYLE: … Read more
  • Episode # 328: Strada
    Strada, an Italian Pilsner from local NYC’s Torch and Crown Brewing Company, helps Dan refresh his taste buds this time. Torch and Crown Brewing Company … Read more
  • Episode # 327: Dreams of Yesterday
    Dan was not sleepy, but sought some related refreshment in Threes Brewing Dreams of Yesterday, a pilsner with oyster shells. Threes Brewing Dreams of Yesterday … Read more
  • Episode # 326: Contour Interval
    During his visit to Wild East, Dan sampled and then promptly added the foeder-aged solera saison, Contour Interval ∞, to his take-away order. Wild East … Read more