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If you’re coming, please contact me, so I make sure you get a spot and don’t get lost.
SUNDAY 12/26/2010
Revised: 12/21/10


  1. Lunch 12:00 – Chelsea Brewing Company, W. 18th Street and West Side Highway, Pier 59, Chelsea Piers (212) 336-6440. – Leaving, walk east 4 long blocks to 7th Ave and take the M20 down to the intersection of 7th Ave, Bleecker St. and Barrow Street. Go one block south on Bleecker.
  2. Blind Tiger281 Bleecker St. at Jones St. 212-462-4682. Opens 11:30. Leaving, go one block northeast on Jones, turn right onto W. 4th and go 1.1 blocks east to 6th Ave, one block south to W. 3rd then 3.2 blocks east.
  3. The Half Pint – 76 W. 3rd St and Thompson 212-260-1088 Noon to midnight. Santa’s Butt Winter Ale! Leaving, go back west 2.2 blocks to MacDougal Street, turn right and go 1 block north to W. 4th, turn left and go ¾ of a block west.
  4. Vol de Nuit – 148 West 4th Street. 212.979.2616 Usually opens at 4 PM. Leaving, go ¼ block west to 6th Ave, turn right and go 1 block north to get the F Train at the W. 4th St station. Take the F towards Stillwell Ave 2 stops to the 2nd Ave – Lower East Side Station. To Statnton: Go 1/3 block west on E. Houston, one block south on Forsyth, 1.5 blocks west on Stanton. To d.b.a: Go ½ block east and 2.2 blocks north on 1st.
  5. d.b.a., 41 1st Avenue (between 2nd and 3rd streets). (212) 475-5097. A clean winter coat for the homeless gets you a free pint! Leaving, if it is early, walk north on 1st Avenue 4.5 blocks, turn left on E. 7th and go 1.8 blocks west to McSorley’s OR walk north on 1st Ave 1.5 blocks, turn left and go 2.5 blocks west to Swift Hibernian Lounge for dinner.
  6. (Dinner Option 1, otherwise skip) – Swift Hibernian Lounge – 34 East 4th Street (212) 260 3600 – Leaving, go ½ block east to Bowery/Cooper Square, then go 4 blocks north (keeping right onto 3rd Ave) to 7th Street. Turn right and go ¼ block to Mcsorely’s.
  7. McSorley’s Old Ale House 15 East 7th Street, 212.473.9148. Order by “two’s” for the best deal: “two light”, “two dark” or “two and two”. Better yet, pick a buddy and one orders “2 light” and one orders “2 dark” and swap one. Each 10 oz mug comes only about 2/3 full. It’s a treat to watch them fill a handful of mugs! Leaving, go 0.25 blocks west to Cooper Square, turn right on Cooper/3rd Ave and go 1 block north. For Heartland, turn left on Astor Pl, go 1 block west to 4th Ave/Park Ave, go 6 blocks north to 14th Street, 2 blocks west to Union Square West then 2 blocks north. For The Village Pourhouse, continue north on 3rd to the corner of E. 11th Street.
  8. (Dinner Option 2, otherwise skip) – The Village Pourhouse – 64 3rd Ave, (212) 979-BEER. Leaving go 1 block west to 4th/Park Ave, 3 blocks north to E. 14th Street, 2 blocks west to Union Square West and 2 blocks north to Heartland.
  9. (Dinner Option 3 or else a beer) Heartland Brewery (Union Square), — 35 Union Square West, (212) 645-3400 – Leaving, go 1 block east on 17th to Park and take the M3 bus north about 19 blocks to 33rd (or the nearest stop), go ½ block east.
  10. Rattle and Hum – 14 East 33rd , 10016, between Madison and 5th Ave. (212) 481-1586 – Leaving, go back east to Madison and north three blocks to E. 36th and then ½ block west to the Mecca of Beer on Tap!
  11. The Ginger Man 11 East 36th Street (between 5th and Madison). (212) 532-3740 Leaving, Penn Station is on 33rd between 7th and 8th, or stop at an alternative from the list below (Stout, Heartland Empire State, etc.)


    1. One beer per pub is now a goal, not a requirement.
    2. Avoid unplanned stops unless a bar has something special – don’t get drunk too quickly!
    3. Organize subgroups for sitting in case space is tight and for paying for rounds if we don’t want to hassle the pub with separate orders.
    4. Eat, but don’t eat a heavy meal. No food, you get drunk. Too much food, you either get sick or don’t have room for beer. Better to have a light lunch and get appetizers along the way.
    5. Wear layers. We may walk between some locations rather than take public transportation.
    6. Wear comfortable shoes for walking.
    7. Get an all day pass for the subways and buses from a machine or newsstand in Penn Station.
    8. At the subway entrance, ask the clerk for a system map. Very useful.
    9. Bring a NYC map if you have one.
    10. Starting after lunch, we will shoot for spending no more than 30 minutes at each stop.
    11. Note that we have set a target location for dinner this year. We need to keep to a good schedule!
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