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Episode #213: I Beat yoU

In this previously recorded episode, Dan wades into some deep, hoppy waters again care of the gypsy brewer Mikkeller’s I Beat yoU offering.

Mikkeller I Beat yoU Imperial IPA

I Beat yoU is a 9.75% Imperial India Pale Ale brewed at BrewDog in Aberdeen, Scotland. A neat follow-up to the 1000 IBU beer they make.


Fairly hazy, brilliant and deep orange amber in color.


Hop resin with citrus and piney back on the nose.


Zips across the tongue, intensely bitter almost like tasting hop syrup.


Viscous on the tongue with a nice weight to it.


For sure in the 100 IBU vicinity. ONLY FOR HOP LOVERS. My palate definitely took a beating with this beer, but it was definitely worth it for the experience. Pretty sure this would overpower almost any food you attempted to have with it.

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