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Episode #51: Stephen King, We Need You

Tommyknocker tasting….contrary to what we talk about, it has nothing to do with Stephen King.   Word to the wise, we are comTommpletely lude, crude, and borderline anti-social.   Explicit tag is well-warranted.   I guess you can kind of hear all of us…note to self for next recording.
Beers of the Week:
Tommyknocker Brewery
Alpine Glacier Lager
Omery Amber Lager
Pick Axe Pale   Ale
Jack Whacker Wheat Ale
Maple Nut Brown Ale
Butt Head Bock
Link Love:
Dave’s Twitter Page
David The Gnome
Stephen King at Wikipedia
Indian Nipple Song
Iron Sherv
Basil T’s
Ale Street News
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