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So where has Dan been?

First, I truly wish to thank you for reading the words coming off my keyboard.
It has a been a bit of wild ride over the past 6-7 months or so, with many ups and downs, twists and turns happening in all parts of my life.
I am not going to bore you with details, or begin a dramatic rant or spill of emotions, but I will say that taking a break from posting here was necessary. It is definitely not for lack of content, but moreso time and sufficient energy coupled with (not to sound cliche): life.
Since I last posted, there have been comebacks (Speakeasy), near-losses (Green Flash), and of course a ton of new beginnings for new and veteran brewers. The fight for independent craft wages on as well, as “big beer” continues to its campaign to re-assert dominance in the space, all the while other alcohol products continue to gain steam.
Unrelated to my other reasons for hiatus, a number of my fellow “citizen bloggers” had an extended discussion regarding a specific podcast episode where the hosts and guests made a number of comments about the bloggers’ collective presence as it relates to the industry. I had just listened to the episode myself at the time, along with the following episode featuring another prominent beer writer and prior BBC speaker, and I too was curious for reactions. While I may not fit the “basement dweller” persona alluded to in the episode, I can somewhat appreciate the would-be lesson about writing with context and place in mind.
Maybe it’s just the beer talking, but my aforementioned life shifts coupled with listening to their comments allowed me to re-examine the angle and approach I have taken with Life On Tap. I still, and will likely forever stand by our mantra, “Life’s a tap, drink up ’til it’s dry”, but I now feel the need to change up my proverbial malt and hop bill for this recipe.
I will continue to post thoughts on beers that I taste in written, audio, and video form, but will seek to evolve the site over time to provide a different worldview in this ever-changing industry from which we are drinking.
Time permitting, I would welcome the opportunity to talk more about life, beer, changes to the product and industry we know and love, as well as the pursuit of happiness (and hoppiness).
Life’s a tap…drink up ’til it’s dry.

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