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Sorry I'm Late

I know there was no show last Thursday. I am still recovering from my final amongst other things. I’ll have one up ASAP. Thanks for waiting!

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  1. Ilya Feynberg

    You know….that title sooooo could have been taken the wrong way 😉

    No problem man, just make sure you keep pumping out those videos and more importantly enjoying the beer! I don't rep for a brewery or anything like that but give me a shout, I would be more than happy to send some beers to you try. There is one in particular which as of late I've been shocked to find how many beer lovers and bloggers haven't tried. It's a Belgian ale named Kasteel, and it comes off as something entirely different. Also, I'm down here in Texas and of course can easily get anything from one of our great Texas breweries, and we have plenty of those ;).

    So just let me know if you need content help!


  2. Dan "On Tap"


    LOL! I will hopefully be making that type of announcement sometime when I'm out of school, and when Sheryl and I are ready to do so.

    I would love to do a beer swap if you're interested. St. Arnold to Southern Star, I would love. Email me privately with what you want/have, and we'll set it up!

    I should be able to record tonight, hopefully. Thanks again for your support.

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