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#BBC10 Craft Beer and Women Session

Craft Beer and Women
Tamre Mullins of Girls Pint Out, Sebbie Buhler of Rogue Ales, and Julia Herz of are introducing themselves, as well as their perspective on women in the realm of craft beer.  They shared a New Glarus R&D beer made for women.
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Tamre Mullins
The need for a non-threatening environment for women to taste craft beer.  “It’s OK to spend $ on craft beer!”
Note: There’s over 1000 women involved with Girls Pint Out!
– Sensitivity to women, not overall changing to only suit women.

Tamre’s Top Do’s

1)  Craft beer recipes!
2)  Pairings -> especially seasonal ones.
3)  How To’s/Tips for entertaining (tasting parties etc.)
4)  Guest Bloggers -> your bros/sistas are happy to help!
5)  Go video: what I’m drinking to recipes, or event recaps.
6)  User-friendliness
7)  Offline meetups engage the community.
8)  Mix-up your content!
9)  Multiple platforms: Not just FB!
10) Local guide via your craft beer places
11)  Thank your community!
12)  Inject your own personality -> “Humanity is good!”
Tamre’s Top Don’ts
1)  Bad taste: language, offensive material, etc.
2)  Inside jokes
3)  LOOOOONNG posts
4)  Don’t trash/bash beer.
5)  Assume you’re right.
6)  Alienate any readers through only rare tastings.
7)  No long and unfocused videos!
8)  Don’t spam – too much content can be a bad thing.
Sebbie Buhler
Sebbie’s really been a pioneer along with Rogue, really promoting food and beer.
– “Be honest and truthful to yourself.”  You can still be yourself, but you can appeal to many different readers.

Sebbie’s Top Do’s:

1)  Use photos/visuals for beer, food pairings, or event coverage.
2)  Include recipes along with videos or photos.
3)  Keep an open mind, ask for comments, and share/engage with responses.
4)  Ask the experts!  Use the local and industry resources out there!
5)  Make it portable, easy to share, and accessible on various platforms.
6)  Always cite your sources, acknowledge, and link to them.
Sebbie’s Top Don’ts
1)  Never assume your opinion is the only one.
2)  Language and tone – be fresh and be real.
3)  Not citing references.
4)  Hiding behind an alias.
5)  No long-winded narratives with no thought.
6)  Pop-up ads and overuse of flash.
Julia Herz
She really focused on the ever-enlarging relevance of the women in craft beer audience.
Julia’s Top Do’s
1)  Women make the majority of supermarket-based beverage purchases.
2)  K.I.S.S.
3)   27% (6% increase) of women who prefer beer to wine (Source: Gallup).
4)  Flavor and taste -> analogies and stories work!
5)  Women do love to cook.
6)  Cooking with beer (less bitter the better).
7)  Show final product photos and photos in general.
8)  Recipes, recipes, recipes!
Julia’s Top Don’ts
1)  Don’t Pink-ify. (Ginger Johnson)
2)  Don’t forget about the proper pour! (Carbonation (aroma vs. “fill”)
3)  Don’t talk about fat -> RICHNESS.
– Rest were not addressed due to time constraints.
The Post-Presentation Discussion
– Large brewers = Male Beverage?
– Craft brewers = WAY more inclusive
– New trends: Not just the 25-39 demographic for women.  Look for the 50+ to increase.
Announcement from @MisoHungry
New clothing line featuring craft beer inspiration!  -> w00t!

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