Summary: @stonegreg aka Stone’s Greg Koch’s #BBC10 Session

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This was an amazing session.  I am honored to be part of a community with a brewery CEO that has a strong stance on not only CSR and business ethics, but the personal side of it as well.

Lukcy Bastard tasting -> We are lukcy journalists. [sic]

1)  “With great beer-blogging comes great responsibility.”

2)  You MUST understand the industry (all parts of it).  Beer Wars -> Industry insight.

3)  “3-Tier system is fine?  But we don’t get the beers that we want.” ->  There are some realities everyone needs to appreciate it.

4)  Legality vs. Ethics
– Getting into venues: 4 kegs of beer bought, 1 is free?  Illegal everywhere (except  in DC)
– People actually KNOWING the law -> not very likely, and it gets smaller as you go down the value-chain.
– Question: Most destructive laws to #craftbeer? -> Unfair competition laws: volume discounts, free items, “beerola”, etc.
“Illegal and unethical are the same thing in this business.”
– As a blogger: “Know your laws.”

BREAKING NEWS: New Stone Brewery being planned for either Belgium, Alsace, or Germany.
One note: NO changes to recipes. Greg also commented on the non-locality of this approach.

Other notes:

It’s great that mainstream media is picking up on the #craftbeer movement.  -> Looking forward to seeing Sam on TV.

“If you like our beer, that’s a compliment TO YOU.”

Re: Women and Craft Beer previous session: Gender-neutrality.

Environmental + Slow Food Movements: We should support them.
– Originally, Greg wanted to go deeper…look for something better.  He learned more about craft beer, and then learned more about food.
– We have a responsibility to ourselves to pay attention to what you eat.  “I’m willing to be a burden on society.”
“We will look at processed food and high-fructose corn syrup as we now look at pregnant women smoking.”

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