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#BBC18 is almost here

The Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference is almost here, and as I mentioned in my #BeerVidChallenge, I am mad pumped to be seeing the crew as well as meeting the newcomers!
Let’s have a gander at the agenda, and highlight a few sessions I am looking forward to and why.


Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House (OGB&BH)

I have been slacking in the brewery visits department, so I went ahead and signed up for all the excursions. Since I have yet to make the trip to Ireland, I feel this might get me a little closer. We will get to try some of their new innovations (and possibly collaborations?), and even have a little downtime to explore the grounds while catching up.

Dogfish Head Brewery

Dogfish is one of the many breweries that are fairly close to NYC, yet even my sister beat me to it. Their off-centered ales definitely steered both my palate and my craft beer experience, so it’s no surprise I am majorly pumped for this visit. The Fireside Chat with Sam Calagione will no doubt bring up some incredible stories from early-on and will have us in a combination of laughter and amazement.

Farm Brew Live

Music, craft beer, food and cocktails? Sign me up. I am looking to have a unique experience at this festival in the heart of a beautiful area.

The Conference

Julia Herz of the Brewers Association

I continue to stand by my previous assertion that it’s not BBC without Julia starting us off. Her insights and poise regarding craft beer continue to excite and inspire continued conversation about this industry we love.

Diversity in Beer

I am very glad to see this panel early in the agenda. The questions and discussions during the session will hopefully provide a peek into the current status of diversity, as well as find out what bloggers can do to cover or promote it better.

NBWA – Changes in the Beer Market: Past, Present & Future

Addressing the surge in the number of taprooms and their focus as part of the brewery business model, I hope to hear more about how things will progress in the future of the three-tier system.

Keynote – Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery

More Sam? You know I will not say no.

Loudoun County & VA Craft Brewers Guild Receptions

After soaking in all that knowledge each day, it will rock to taste some of the local breweries’ creations.

Breakout Sessions & Lightning Talks

To be honest, I still have not narrowed down which Breakout Sessions I will be attending. I believe that no matter which one you select, you will walk away with at least 5-10 things you did not know. I am rarely able to type fast enough to record all the thought-provoking foci of the Lightning Talks, but embrace the chance to learn from our fellow blogging crew on topics of importance.

Live Beer Blogging at Lost Rhino Brewing

Like with the Lightning Talks, I do not often get my full tasting notes down quickly enough. It doesn’t mean that my palate and I don’t embrace the challenge of sampling 10 beers in 50 minutes.

Post-Excursion – Richmond

Remember when I said I was lacking in my brewery visit game? I am hoping that the lunch at Triple Crossing Brewing, the Stone Brewing facility, as well as a host of the other locals will hopefully bring me back up. I also have heard awesome things about Mekong, so I am excited for that visit.


Usually I have to head right back to work after the conference. Not this time! I get to join my better half and son for some additional site visits (no, not all beer-related) in the greater DC area. I think that this will allow for additional relaxation and rejuvenation.
I look forward to catching up or meeting you very soon!
Cheers and remember:
Life’s a tap…drink up ’til it’s dry.

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