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#BeerBloggers Live Blogging

Once again, this speed tasting went by in the blink of an eye.  I also did not feel the effects until much later.  All the beers were quite tasty and I have some notes below.
1)  RAM Restaurant & Brewery – Imperial Stout EndGame
Dark chocolate nibs, vanilla and a nice hop bitterness on the back end.  Would totally love to pair this with black forest.  Dark fruit notes are great.
2) Boulder Hazed & Infused
Still love the dry-hop on this.  While Mojo Risin may be my fave, I feel this is a must try for Boulder Beer.  The fresh hop character on the nose keeps me coming back to sniffing this.
3)  Ryan Ross from  Karl Strauss – Wreck Alley Imperial Stout
Ethiopian Coffee Beans from a local roaster…9.5 ABV 50 IBU 500 SRM.  Love the roastiness on this.  I should have had this in the morning to perk me up.  Year round in CA.
4)  Schlafly A IPA
Piney as anything!  Borderline fertilizer on the nose.  Great head retention on this brew.  7.2% 65 IBU simcoe, centennial and amarillo dry hop.  Check out the rest of the IPA series.  Perfect with spicy food for sure.  Great malt backbone.
5)  Damien – Belgian Golden Strong Ale
5.2 ABV 25 IBU – fruity and estery notes are delightful.  The yeast note on the backend might be out there for some people, but I found it great.  Would love to pair this with food…specifically with mussels.  Remarkably clear.
6)  Bohemian Pilsner – Workingman’s Pilsner
Hallertau 5% abv filtered beautifully.  Great head on this.  Love how refreshing this is.  Not that I didn’t love the other beers, but this one I could keep drinking all night.  Incredible balance of malt and hops and VERY true to style.
7)  Flat 12 Pogue’s Run Porter
Roasty and hint of coffee notes on the nose.  Hint of smoke on the finish that meets the malt back.  Totally great with a pepper steak or heavier marinade fcr full meats.
8)  Triton Maginificient Amber
5.4% abv 39 ibu 18 srm amarillo and cascade hopped – caramel malt on the nose with the hops.  Nice balance of hops and malt.  They recommend sharp cheddar.  Artisanal’s grand cru would kill with this.
9)  Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf
Uber resiny and piney notes on this.  Love how the hops dominate on this, but it still feels balanced.  I want to use this for my fries batter.  Totally choice for Thai food.
10)  New Belgium Shift
Pale Lager – Totally quaffable in large quantities – crisp, clear, refreshing.
More to come!

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