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#beerbloggers Spiegelau Beer Tasting

Spiegelau – “The Class of Glass”
Glass Chemistry plus beers from @GarrettOliver – AWESOME.
500- Year old company from Bavaria and a division of Riedel Crystal. They have the purest source of silicon to make their glass.
Partnered with a number of different breweries, like Dogfish Head, Brooklyn, Widmer, Schlafly etc.
They really are trying to achieve “terroir” with their glasses. Much like the Belgian’s commitment to serving beer properly, they too stand behind this mindset.
The glass chemistry viewed in the blown up photos were astonishing. I had no idea that a brand new pint glass could have that many imperfections. Everyone should note that cleaning these glasses are also key to preserve the quality and freshness of the beer.
1) Brooklyn Sorachi Ace (tasted in Episode 96)
Joker Glass: Head immediately started to dissipate. Color looks duller. The nose is very Pine-Sol-esque. Not as complex or full. The taste from this glass is flat and does not do justice to the beer. Even the carbonation is dulled to a point as if the beer was sitting out for hours.
Tall Pilsner Glass: Head boosted up to more than twice the amount of beer. Very slow dissipation of head. Color looks more full and vibrant. The nose in the Spieglau glass is way more inviting and displays the complex aromatics of the Sorachi Ace hop more effectively. The taste from this glass delivered a rolling, smooth and velvety mouthfeel. It felt way more luxurious than the glass I tasted this in previously.
2) Brooklyner Weisse Beer
Joker Glass: Color seems muted in this glass again. Head disappears almost instantly. This glass emphasized the extreme taste profiles on the beer and also had to be coaxed out of the glass to drink.
Tall Wheat Beer Glass: Once again, the color seems more vivid and vibrant. The head retention was also sick on this. Great banana and hint of clove on the nose. The taste on this was way more refreshing in this glass as opposed to the wine glass I had a few weeks ago. Great mouthfeel!
3) Brooklyn East India Pale Ale
Joker Glass: Color seems way lighter in this glass but also foggier. Head looks stagnant. Nose seems almost non-existent in the glass even after an immediate smell after a pour. The astringency of the hops gets emphasized on the mouthfeel. A HUGE difference.
Lager Glass: Once again, the color seems deeper and more vivid and clear. Head dissipated a little bit, but the carbonation is still buzzing. The aroma is very pronounced with lots of minerality. On the mouthfeel, the dryness is really emphasized and hops really shine properly. This is the second Brooklyn beer I ever had and I still love to drink this beer from time to time. This is the way it is meant to enjoy.
4) Brooklyn Local 2
Joker Glass: Glass feels warm. Head disappeared right away and the color is once again lighter. Do not get much on the nose at all from this glass. I get an awkward aftertaste from the joker glass. Stay away.
Lager Glass: Much better head retention and deep rich mahogany color. Raisin and caramel malt on the nose…so intoxicating. Hard to believe the ABV is so high. I love how the honey imparts its flavor on this along with the candied sugar. Totally food friendly, as Garrett said…want some.
5) Brooklyn Black Ops
No comparison here…just enjoyment. Deep dark brown/black in color. I love the oak imparted on this as well as the vanilla note on the nose. The taste has some great roasty notes to meet the oak’s effect on the beer. Tall, dark & handsome? The Woodford Reserve barrels for this are choice.

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