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Episode #229: Beer To Drink Music To 17

Dan is cracks open this year’s Beer To Drink Music To along with listening to a classic live album from Dave Matthews (sorry Fudge’ems).

Dogfish Head Beer To Drink Music To ’17

This is the Official Beer of Record Store Day, and weighs in at 6.8% ABV with 30 IBUs. I was listening to one of my favorite Dave Matthews albums (sorry Fudge’ems): Live at Luther College. This is classified as a “Tropical Blonde is brewed with hibiscus flowers and kiwi juice”, and should be enjoyed with some of your favorite music.


Fairly clear, nice bubbles with a little bit of lacing and a nice light pale amber color.


Hint of tropicality with an under-ripe kiwi and a floral note from the hibiscus with a faint malt presence.


Kiwis lead through the mid-palate for me. Tropicality is intense, with a cherry-like note in the middle. The 7% is not detectable.


The mouthfeel is velvety and luscious.


Chill. Best paired with your favorite tunes. This beer will not be for everyone, but will help dive deep into musicality or lyrics depending what you listen for. May be food-friendly with the right pairings.
Cheers and remember:
Life’s a tap…drink up ’til it’s dry.
All music on this show came to us from the now defunct Music Alley.
Intro: “Meet Me At The Bar” by The Beer Drinking Fools
Outtro: “Bubblegum and Beer” by The Supersuckers

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