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Episode # 261: Logger Joe

Life On Tap Episode #261: Logger Joe

Care of “friend on tap”, Charles Bockway of Brilliant Stream, Dan perks up with a coffee-infused pilsner: Big Timber Brewing Logger Joe.

Big Timber Brewing Logger Joe

STYLE: Coffee-infused pilsner
INGREDIENTS: Cold brew Guatemalan coffee
ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 35
AVAILABILITY: 16-Ounce Can (Limited)

Stats above taken from the brewery’s can.


Dark golden in color with a generous, white head.


Coffee leads off with a blend of earthy and flowery elements as well.


Coffee effortlessly glides between the pilsner malt and the gentle, earthy hop notes.


Refreshing, crisp, and light on the palate with a dry finish.


Paging all brunch beers! I would love to lead off with this there, as it is a bit on the lighter side, but the coffee note (I feel) makes it appropriate to drink before noon after a beermosa or Bloody Mary. Also pair it with poultry or wild fowl, cheese (Barely Buzzed for sure), and whatever you pair with pilsner.

Cheers and thanks to Charles at Brilliant Stream for this brew!

Cheers and remember:

Life’s a tap…drink up ’til it’s dry.

All music on this show came to us from the now defunct Music Alley.
Intro: “Meet Me At The Bar” by The Beer Drinking Fools
Outtro: “Bubblegum and Beer” by The Supersuckers

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