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Episode # 362: 4AM Pils

Life On Tap Episode #362: 4AM Pils (Kings County Brewers Collective 4AM Pils)

In honor of Lager Month in May, Dan also picked up a few new ones from KCBC, including a collaboration beer with Misguided/OBS: 4AM Pils.

Kings County Brewers Collective 4AM Pils

STYLE: American Pilsner
INGREDIENTS: Barley, rice; Tettnang, Hercules & Styrian Celeia hops
ABV: 4.0%
AVAILABILITY: 16 oz. cans/Draft (Seasonal)
COLLABORATION: Misguided Spirits and OBS

Stats above taken from the brewery’s can and website.


Super-light/straw yellow in color with a sizeable, fluffy, white head.


Rice husks meet floral and herbal notes from the German hops.


The herbal hop note continues from the aroma to meet a dough-like note from the malt bill.


Light mouthfeel probably enhanced from the rice edition, but also mouthcoating and moderately dry on the finish.


This beer would be amazing and super refreshing outside, be it at the pool, beach, picnic, or after a hike. A warm Bavarian pretzel first came to mind on the pairing front, but sushi would be fun as well.

Cheers and remember:

Life’s a tap…drink up ’til it’s dry.

All music on this show came to us from the now defunct Music Alley.
Intro: “Meet Me At The Bar” by The Beer Drinking Fools
Outtro: “Bubblegum and Beer” by The Supersuckers

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