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Episode #227: Sixpoint Global Warmer

Recorded in January and still feeling the need for winter beers, Dan wanted to revisit and warm up with a local seasonal: Sixpoint Global Warmer.

Sixpoint Global Warmer

Global Warmer weighs in at 7% ABV, has 70 IBUs and an SRM of 17.


Red tint on copper, with a huge off-white head.


Cinnamon, nutmeg and holiday/warming spices on the nose.


Sweetness leads off along with toasted caramel, with a pleasant hop bitterness coming in later and through the complex finish.


The “warming” feeling continues along with a subtle softness and dryness to keep you going back for more.


Since the spice/holiday flavors are not overpowering, this is one winter beer that is extremely food-friendly. Ham, goose or other fowl and game could meet and play with Sixpoint Global Warmer. I wouldn’t pound a bunch of these at 7%, but sharing them amongst your family and friends would “warm” your gathering. The slim cans help echo the presence of draft, in my opinion.
Cheers and remember:
Life’s a tap…drink up ’til it’s dry.
All music on this show came to us from the now defunct Music Alley.
Intro: “Meet Me At The Bar” by The Beer Drinking Fools
Outtro: “Bubblegum and Beer” by The Supersuckers

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